An interesting place…

An interesting place…

July 22, just over a month ago, I went to a place I had longed to go for years.

Proverbs 31 Ministries hosts an annual conference called She Speaks. An awesome conference that provides workshops and resources for speakers and writers, I actually got to go this year – thanks to the generosity of my husband.

I LOVED it! I am a nerd by nature anyway, so I sat in every workshop they would let me attend, took notes, and hung on every word. I even ordered recordings of the workshops I wanted to attend but time did not allow. I got the recordings in the mail this past week and my poor children have gotten to learn quite a bit about video blogging (which I think would be way fun) and marketing. You know they love it – almost as much as Vacation Bible School music (okay, maybe not quite that much).

During the conference, I was also able to sit down with a couple of publishers and an agent and throw a book proposal at them to see what they thought.  They were all so very encouraging and gave great advice.

My goodness, between the actual conference and the CDs in the mail, I am way excited and hugely motivated. God has placed a calling on my heart, a desire so deep to share Jesus with women both through writing and speaking that I don’t think I could stop it if I tried.

Charley, my daughter, asked me the other day why I am not satisfied with simply telling one person at a time about Jesus. An interesting question.

I do want everyone to know about Jesus. But as I shared with her, I LOVE being able to write it down or stand in front of a group and share with lots of people that I might not ever meet one-on-one. I know not everyone has that craving, and He makes all of us different, but this is the burning desire He has placed in me.

The challenge as of late is this – I have recently taken a position with our local Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC), a position I felt God calling me to as well. PWOC in recent weeks has taken much time. It is fall kick-off and the logistics of getting everything up and going always takes time. So I find myself working diligently on one (PWOC) and thinking longingly about the other (writing and speaking).

The list of things burning in my heart to do is more than I could accomplish in a day – or even a week. I long to be the wife God has called me to be, love my children the way God commanded me to, work with PWOC as He has directed, and write and speak as my heart burns to do. All more than I can do.

I think that is the point. That is the exact place He wanted me to be – an interesting place where it is more than I could do. I know what He has called me to do. I know He has set the priorities. I know He can do more than I could ask or imagine.

What now? Well, when I get stressed and “crazy” it always means my focus is out of whack. I am going to rest now – not sit down and do nothing, but rest in Him as He sets my priorities and provides all that I need. Thank goodness, I was about to have a panic attack :).


  1. I’ll admit to a bit of conference envy–but that aside, I think this is an amazing opportunity for you to explore your gifts and talents for the Kingdom!

    • Pattie – you are always so encouraging!! Too bad we don’t live closer, I would like to actually meet you someday! Thank you for the reminder – Kyle said the same thing just not in the same words. He said that “this is where God has you for now.” It is crazy, though, I get antsy about stuff and through all of this Army life you think I would have figured out by now that you can never tell what a year (or a month for that matter) might bring! God amazes me all the time with what He orchestrates.

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