I get caught up in the rush of life, making to-do lists that are about five thousand tasks too long. This time of year is no different. Not only is there laundry and dishes, emails and bills, but we also have decorating, Christmas productions, baking, and presents. So many things to do and so little time. I could easily get irritated, frustrated, or overwhelmed. This year, I refuse.

I do not want to get so caught up in the “to-dos” that I miss the “todays.” Do you know what I mean? Those moments with Jesus that are so sweet, the joy in my children when we read one more chapter of the book, the beautiful time with my hubby when I just “be” with him, I don’t want to miss these.

I worry sometimes about disappointing others, not living up to expectations. It has been a challenge my whole life. My desire is not to give up everything outside of my home, because God has called me to those things as well. How do I balance it all? Well, here is what God is teaching me:

1. Breathe – I need to slow down and rest. I can sleep past my regularly scheduled wake up time or simply sit down and breathe for a few minutes. My friend calls it a 30-second-drill: big deep breaths in as you think Psalm 46:10. You can even say the verse out loud with big breaths in between. It is okay to rest.

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2. Jesus time – don’t skip the time with Jesus. I need His Spirit and His presence or I never find the contentment and peace I so desperately need. I have to have my time with Him. Without it, we will all be in trouble.

3. Look – look around me and SEE what is really there. Look in the faces of my husband and children…and the lady at the store and the clerk at the post office. Take the time to see them. God is doing things all around us and we miss so much of it because we are not looking. I do. I run right past things in the hurry of my list and miss the beauty of what He is doing today and how I can be a part of that.


4. Listen – I multi-task with the best of them. It is not always a good thing. Have you ever tried to cook dinner, talk on the phone, and give a spelling test to a nine-year-old all at the same time? It doesn’t really work that well. I miss something, every time, and it is usually because I am not actually listening. I hear things, but hearing and listening are drastically different. I need to listen to those around me and also to my Savior. They have words I need to hear.

So for today, let’s just breathe. Enjoy today, praying that TODAY God will be glorified through our life and then pray for the same thing again tomorrow. A lesson I am still learning, but a desire of my heart.

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