Camouflaged Christians

Camouflaged Christians

Disguise. Conceal. Obscure. This is what camouflage means. Blending into our surroundings is an important part of the military world. No one wants to stand out in the middle of a combat zone. It would be like painting a target smack dab in the middle of their chest. Dumb idea.

All of the services have their version of camouflage depending on where they work or what their job is. The Navy’s camouflage is something I have yet to figure out (it’s blue, in case you were wondering), but I am sure there are smart guys who came up with that.

In the Army, camouflage uniforms have been a hot topic lately as they have recently announced new uniforms with new camouflage patterns to come out around next summer. Everyone is thankful. As green as the current uniforms look, they look pretty white in the middle of Afghanistan or Iraq, so much so that they issue other camouflage uniforms specifically for deployment these days.

The Air Force has their camouflage as well. It took a couple of years for my kids to finally figure out the difference between theirs and the Army’s. Colors are so similar, the difference comes in the pattern.

The Marine Corps has a pretty nice camouflage uniform. They even have little eagle, globe, and anchors (EGA’s – the Marine Corps symbol) mixed in, but they still have two sets – one woodland and one dessert.

Suffice it to say that the United States military takes their camouflage seriously. You should see the debates. Wow. These discussions and the decisions that are made from them could very well be the difference between life and death for many, though. In a combat zone, blending in is crucial.

Now, I know this blog does not usually contain such useful, practical, military information, but today it was necessary. You have probably surmised between title and content so far that we will be discussing camouflaged Christians – and we will – but not how you might think.

The uniforms and their patterns are made for these service members to blend in, but there are those who wear these uniforms that do anything but. I have met them, worked with them, sat under their teaching, read their writing, and watched them impact the Kingdom.

The military world is a strange one. They serve and protect freedom. For the most part, they are honorable, courageous men and women who are willing to sacrifice far more than most. In this crazy camouflaged world, though, being a Christian can still be a challenge. We live in a fallen world, and this realm of “honor and commitment” is no different.

Today, I wanted you to know those folks are there. They wear uniforms every day, but they also preach the Gospel from the pulpit, lead Bible studies in their home, host prayer breakfasts in their units, choose right instead of easy, love in the midst of great tragedies, give hope in places where there seems to be none, and fervently pray for those with whom they serve. Godly men and women rise every morning for PT (physical training), don their uniform, and continue to serve – both their country and their Savior. They make a difference, not just in life and time, but even sometimes in the eternity of others. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, courageously serving.

I want you to know about them, but I also want you to pray for them. They fight a spiritual battle, too, sometimes in the darkest places. They serve, not always because they want to, but because God has called them to. The things they have seen, the circumstances they face, can be scary, hard, and overwhelming, but we have a God who is bigger. Our God can redeem, rescue, protect, preserve, and provide. He can give hope, peace, wisdom, and courage when none seems to exist. He is God, the One and Only.

These camouflaged Christians are amazing men and women who courageously follow Christ, and bring with them families who do the same. They are here. I see them every day and am blessed to know them because they have impacted me as well.

Today, take the time to pray for them and their mission field, whether in a combat zone, in a garrison, or on a ship. May God be glorified, may they persevere, may the Kingdom be impacted.
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