Chapter 7: Touchdown!!!

Chapter 7: Touchdown!!!

Welcome to the final week of our study. We have talked about many things during our study time, but it is now time to do the dance. We need to celebrate the blessing of a loving and faithful God. What do you celebrate and how? Sometimes in some seasons of life we have to intentionally look for things to celebrate. How do we do that and why?

Today’s video with answer these questions.


1. What do you have to celebrate and how do you celebrate?

2. How do you celebrate in those difficult times of life?

3. Do you think celebrating is important? Why or why not?

4. What Scriptures in our study guide spoke to you this week?

Thank you for walking through this study with us! If you have pictures or comments or whatever – feel free to email them to me or message them to me via facebook. I would love to share some of your experiences on the blog. I would also love you input on ways to do this better or maybe even some things that worked well. Thank you all for your patience and grace through this.


Read these: Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23; Romans 5:8; Romans 10:9-10, 13; Romans 5:1; Romans 8:38-39

  1. Admit you are a sinner.
  2. Understand that as a sinner, you deserve death.
  3. Believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to save you from sin and death.
  4. Repent by turning from your old life of sin to a new life in Christ.
  5. Receive, through faith in Jesus Christ, his free gift of salvation – All it takes is a conversation with Jesus!

Would love to hear what God has done in you!

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Chapter 6: Pom-Poms of a Different Color

Those moments when we are facing a change in careers, jobs, locations, or simply houses – those are the moments we are talking about today. These times can be intimidating and scary or they can be a chance for God to be glorified. He has put us on such a wonderful adventure and been so faithful – now will be no different. But how do we walk through these times with faith and hope? How do we walk through them with the husband God has given us and do it God’s way? Join us today as we talk about this very thing, because God has a plan for this too.


1. What change in pom-pom color have you experienced and how did God lead you through it?

2. How do we grow in our marriage through this time and how can we prepare our marriage for these times?

3. What are some things you would look forward to in changing pom-pom color? What would you miss from where you are today?

4. What do you struggle with most in the changing times?


Read Chapter 7: Touchdown!. Do Week Seven of our Study Guide. Start to think about what you could celebrate today and how you could do that.

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Chapter 5: Cut from the Squad

Chapter 5: Cut from the Squad

Welcome to week 5! As you watch the video this week, you will again be able to experience the “realness” that is my life. I would hate for y’all not to get the full experience. Because just as we talked about in our Bible study today, many times we see others and think they have it all together in comparison to us. I am here to be a true testimony that we just do the things God calls us to and none of us has it all together.

This week we talk about being cut from the squad which as many of you know is a challenging topic for me because it is me. I too have been cut from the squad, but I have also survived and seen first hand what God can do in our lives. In addition to this topic, we also talk about how we can all train for the things God calls us to do. How does He want us to train and what does training mean? Join in the discussion!

This week in our Bible study in person, we made ID Cards for the ladies we know who are walking through these very circumstances so that we can pray for these ladies. It was really great! I will add pictures and ideas of some of the activities we have done in our study so that you can maybe do them as well.


1. Do you know ladies who are walking through these circumstances? How do you minister to her and what advice do you give her?

2. How is your training going? What aspects of training are the most difficult for you and why?

3. What Scriptures jumped out at you this week? Maybe a Psalm? The story of Job? How did God speak to you?


1. Read Chapter 6

2. Do week 6 in the Study Guide.

Thank you all again so much for joining us in this study! I would love to hear how God has used it and what He has taught, because I surely have been learning some things for the first time and some things that He has taught me again. God is good.

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Chapter 4: Overtime

Here we are again! Today we are going to discuss overtime – those times when the deployment was supposed to be over and got extended, when our spouses were supposed to be attending a special event with us and could not make it, and challenging situations we thought we finished and continue to still walk through…overtime. Difficult for all of us to handle, but I am pretty sure God has a plan for it too. How does He want us to handle these moments? What is His purpose in them? Join us as we look at these questions and a few more today on the video.


1. What overtime experiences have you had and how did you handle them?

2. Through the Scripture of this week, what jumped out at you?

3. Expectations are a big thing in this area and Mary and Martha knew all about that. What did you learn from Mary and Martha and the way they handled their overtime? Did you have any new insights as you read this story again?

4. How do you plan to approach overtime differently next time?


Read Chapter 5: Cut From The Squad and down Week 5 in the Study Guide.

Our Bible study class has done some activities as we have walked through these lessons. We are creating a bulletin board by adding things each week. I will post some pictures later of what we are doing. It has been a great time of fellowship – we have an awesome group of ladies. I pray your experience has been good too as you have walked through this with us.

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Chapter 3: Bring It On!

Welcome to week three of our online Bible study! This week we are talking about the challenges we face in life. What do we do with them? How do we deal with them? Why does God allow them? Where is God in all of it? Join us in the discussion and share with us what God has brought you through and what He has done in you through those things. We serve a mighty and faithful God! Make sure to check below the video for questions and hit the comment button at the top to share your answers!


1. What has God brought you through? How has it changed you, the world around you, or both?

2. Do you see the privilege of our ability to meet God in person? How do you take advantage of this? How do you develop your relationship with Him?

3. Battle buddies – wonderful women who walk with us through many things. What do you think about these buddies being women? How have you nurtured those relationships and how has God blessed you through them?

4. What do you think about being able to “count it all joy when you experience trials?” James figured this out, but how do we? Does it have something to do with our spiritual maturity and our walk with Christ?

Just hit the comment button at the top of the post to share your answers. I would love to hear your thoughts! Homework for next time is Chapter Four in the book and week four of the study guide. The next video will not be posted for two weeks…look for it on October 24th!

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