Chapter 4: Overtime

Here we are again! Today we are going to discuss overtime – those times when the deployment was supposed to be over and got extended, when our spouses were supposed to be attending a special event with us and could not make it, and challenging situations we thought we finished and continue to still walk through…overtime. Difficult for all of us to handle, but I am pretty sure God has a plan for it too. How does He want us to handle these moments? What is His purpose in them? Join us as we look at these questions and a few more today on the video.


1. What overtime experiences have you had and how did you handle them?

2. Through the Scripture of this week, what jumped out at you?

3. Expectations are a big thing in this area and Mary and Martha knew all about that. What did you learn from Mary and Martha and the way they handled their overtime? Did you have any new insights as you read this story again?

4. How do you plan to approach overtime differently next time?


Read Chapter 5: Cut From The Squad and down Week 5 in the Study Guide.

Our Bible study class has done some activities as we have walked through these lessons. We are creating a bulletin board by adding things each week. I will post some pictures later of what we are doing. It has been a great time of fellowship – we have an awesome group of ladies. I pray your experience has been good too as you have walked through this with us.

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