Chapter 5: Cut from the Squad

Chapter 5: Cut from the Squad

Welcome to week 5! As you watch the video this week, you will again be able to experience the “realness” that is my life. I would hate for y’all not to get the full experience. Because just as we talked about in our Bible study today, many times we see others and think they have it all together in comparison to us. I am here to be a true testimony that we just do the things God calls us to and none of us has it all together.

This week we talk about being cut from the squad which as many of you know is a challenging topic for me because it is me. I too have been cut from the squad, but I have also survived and seen first hand what God can do in our lives. In addition to this topic, we also talk about how we can all train for the things God calls us to do. How does He want us to train and what does training mean? Join in the discussion!

This week in our Bible study in person, we made ID Cards for the ladies we know who are walking through these very circumstances so that we can pray for these ladies. It was really great! I will add pictures and ideas of some of the activities we have done in our study so that you can maybe do them as well.


1. Do you know ladies who are walking through these circumstances? How do you minister to her and what advice do you give her?

2. How is your training going? What aspects of training are the most difficult for you and why?

3. What Scriptures jumped out at you this week? Maybe a Psalm? The story of Job? How did God speak to you?


1. Read Chapter 6

2. Do week 6 in the Study Guide.

Thank you all again so much for joining us in this study! I would love to hear how God has used it and what He has taught, because I surely have been learning some things for the first time and some things that He has taught me again. God is good.

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