Chapter 6: Pom-Poms of a Different Color

Those moments when we are facing a change in careers, jobs, locations, or simply houses – those are the moments we are talking about today. These times can be intimidating and scary or they can be a chance for God to be glorified. He has put us on such a wonderful adventure and been so faithful – now will be no different. But how do we walk through these times with faith and hope? How do we walk through them with the husband God has given us and do it God’s way? Join us today as we talk about this very thing, because God has a plan for this too.


1. What change in pom-pom color have you experienced and how did God lead you through it?

2. How do we grow in our marriage through this time and how can we prepare our marriage for these times?

3. What are some things you would look forward to in changing pom-pom color? What would you miss from where you are today?

4. What do you struggle with most in the changing times?


Read Chapter 7: Touchdown!. Do Week Seven of our Study Guide. Start to think about what you could celebrate today and how you could do that.

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