Chapter 2: Stunts

Welcome to week two of our online Bible study! You probably noticed last week exactly why I sign blog posts and emails with “Living for real,” because that is what you get from me…especially through these videos ;). We are all in this journey together. It takes us being real and honest with each other to truly grow. So, welcome to week two!

I hope you had a great week looking at the “stunts” God has given you the ability to do. I love this part – the diversity of gifts is amazing and even more amazing how God puts us together with others. Enjoy the video. Don’t forget the questions right below it. Just answer them in the comments section…and again, feel free to share with your friends!


1. What gifts has God given you and how have you used them?

2. Have you ever tried something new and it didn’t work out as well as you thought? Please share!

3. Looking at Romans 12:1-12, how does love play into all this?

4. What jumped out at you this week?

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