Life can get crazy at times, and this time of year it seems to do that even more. Add into that the fact that we have been out of town and back several times in the past three weeks due to family emergencies. My to do list seems to grow every time we walk in the door. This time, though, we are also in the process of moving – trucks will be here next week! It is at this point I am simply attempting to not divert to “crazy-wife” status.

I may be the only one. But if I don’t watch it, I can go from “sweet loving wife” to “what planet did you come from?” in about 2.5 airborne seconds. All of a sudden our comfortable routine turns into a crazy schedule and an uncertain future – neither of which my control-hoarding, schedule-oriented personality understands.

But God has a plan, remember? I am pretty sure that He puts me in such circumstances intentionally, to figure out once again that in the grand scheme of things I really have no control of anything. And even if I did, He handles it so much better than I do.

As we talked in Bible study yesterday, I was reminded that my diversion into “crazy-wife” status usually comes when my focus is out of whack. When I start looking at to lists and moving forms and new houses and twelve-hour rides in the car, I get overwhelmed by what is around me. BUT when I keep my eyes on the Savior, sweet loving wife returns. Give it some time and my children will have this all figured out. So nice to birth your own accountability partners, right?

Regardless of who brings me back into focus, my challenge is still the same – continue to look toward my Savior, spend time in personal worship with Him. If I can accomplish that, everything else seems highly inconsequential. The craziness is part of the plan – I’m learning and am becoming quite thankful for the reminder of my God’s sovereignty.

Hebrews 12:2 “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.”

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