Even the kitchen sink…

Even the kitchen sink…

I am taking a break from the Camp Follower Series during this special season. Today we get to chat about learning to give. I am still learning.

As many others in America , we have too much stuff. Moving frequently challenges us to purge, but certainly not near enough. We have more stuff than we would ever need. Adding kids into the equation makes for LOTS of stuff.

Every year about this time, we attempt go through rooms and give things away. The process is challenging. We have that thought of “Oh we might use this later” and then our children have that thought over everything from the hand-me-down sit and spin to the McDonalds toy.

This year, we decided to try something a little different. For the month of December, each of our children have been challenged to go to their room and find one thing to give away every day. Boundaries are fairly obvious – the Barbie shoe that does not have a match does not count, nor does the one hair band. We have never tried this and I was skeptical as to whether or not it would really work.

Can I tell, ya? As of today, we have seven trash bags full of stuff not including the sit and spin that would not fit in the trash bag or the play kitchen. We still have a week to go!

This process has become a blessing, but it has made me think as well. The kids and I just read not too long ago the story of the rich young man that approached Jesus and asked what He need to do to follow Him (Matthew 19:16-26). Jesus told the young man to go sell his possessions, give all the money away and follow. The rich young man just could not do it.

I know the moral of the story is that his heart and his faith were tied to his wealth and not to Jesus, but I think sometimes it is also harder to give everything away at once instead of piece by piece. My kids have done far better giving a little away each day that going through and doing it all in one day.

I realize this is simply the practical aspect of it and the heart matter is what is important. But I pray as my kids go through this process that we first of all become thankful for what we have been blessed with and second that we learn where our true faith and hope lies. I think we as parents need to be reminded of the same truth. We are surely blessed beyond comprehension and nothing we have actually belongs to us anyway. Praying we learn to truly give during this season and for a lifetime. How do you practice giving? How do you teach your children to give?

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