Feet on the Ground

Feet on the Ground

I love to dream. When I dream, I love to dream big.

It never crosses my mind to have a few ladies over for coffee. Instead, I think, “We should just have a conference and invite the world!” I used to play basketball quite a bit. I loved it. Playing all through high school, I dreamed of bigger things. My height (and my speed…and probably some other things) prevented me from playing in college. So, when I couldn’t play in college, I decided it would be even more fun to play in Africa. Makes perfect sense, right?

This is how my life goes all the time. I have an idea or someone suggests something, and I can start to dream about “big things” that little idea could become.

When we first got married, my husband would call me the “Good Idea Fairy.” The perfect name, I think. Mainly because I always have a “good” idea–good being highly relative, of course.

I do love to dream.

We do serve a God who can do ALL things. These dreams that I have could actually come true, should God decide to make them so, but He doesn’t always. Sometimes the dreams in my heart never come to fruition–how thankful I am. As great as I think my ideas are, they are not always what is best.

feet on the ground

I could dream dreams all day long, hoping and wishing for them to come true, but God.

Today’s blog is reminder to me of two things…God and the husband He gave me. I am overwhelmed by both.

God has used many people in my life, but none like He has used my hubby. The wonderful, godly man I married dreams too, maybe just not quite the crazy dreams I have at times. God has given me such a precious gift in this man, though.

To describe him in a sentence: Kyle keeps my feet on the ground and my eyes to the sky.
Kyle doesn’t crush my dreams or tell me they are nonsense, but he doesn’t jump head first into all of them either. The gift of my husband is that he looks for God at work in me and challenges me to continually look toward my Savior.

When grand ideas come, he brings me back to Jesus. “Kori, have you prayed about this? How has God led you to this or is it God who is leading?” He asks and he watches to see what God is doing in me.

Some of those dreams we have stepped into, both of us, because he has seen what God is doing in me and God has led his heart to follow too. We step in together.

When we first married, I did not appreciate his input quite as much. He held my hand down far too many times when I was so ready to jump straight in–or so I thought. That man I thought was holding me back was actually holding me in. He has kept my feet on the ground, active and involved and doing what God has asked in the place where I am, while pointing my eyes to the sky, continually seeking my Savior.

kyle 1

You have them too, those people in your life that you aren’t certain are really helpful. Those friends and family that seem to just hold you back or crush your dreams. They are more of a blessing that we realize at times, a gift God has given to us.

My prayer is that our hearts will continue to dream and to seek, and that our feet will stay obedient in the place where we are. I pray God sends people who challenge us to do just that – keep our feet on the ground and our eyes to the sky.

Do you have someone who does that for you? I would love to hear what God has taught you through them!

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  1. Kori, you do dream big and I love that about you! I also love the fact that you recognize God gave you a wonderful husband who holds you in, rather than holds you back. Rock on Girl!

    • Ginger- you are always so encouraging! Honestly, it took some time to realize that when he suggested I not do things or comment that I had enough on my plate, it was a gift to me and not an “oppression” thing. He has been such a blessing to me for so many reasons, some of which I have no idea I am pretty for sure.

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