Heart’s Desire or Not-So-Much

Heart’s Desire or Not-So-Much

I posted not long ago a song by Nicole Nordeman called, “Legacy.” It is one of my favorite songs and is the cry of my heart frequently. I desire to leave something behind that will last, something more than a picture scrapbook and a bank account.

One of the ways I desire to do this most is through my children. As I spend time with them on a daily basis, we have “Bible class” and, hopefully, use teachable moments throughout the day to understand more of who Jesus is and how we can show our love for Him.

Sometimes it works . . . sometimes not so much.

Today, I share with you the “not-so-much.”

Last week, the kids and I were sitting at the table reading about Solomon. He had recently become King of Israel when his father David passed down that honor. God wanted to give Solomon something, but allowed Solomon the opportunity to choose the gift. He could have asked for so many things, but chose wisdom in order to lead God’s people.

We talked at length about what Solomon chose and why God blessed him with so much more. We decided it might possibly be because Solomon had asked for something that was not about him, but would allow him to better serve God. We also talked about what we might choose, if asked. The ideas we had were to have courage like Esther to do whatever we are called to do or maybe love like Jesus or we might also choose wisdom. The discussion was great. I thought for sure they “got it.”

I first asked Charley, our seven-year-old, what she might ask for. She has such a missionary heart and thought love would be a wonderful thing to ask for, but thought courage might be great too. She is a big fan of Esther’s. I simply prayed that God might give her both as she grew.

I next asked Evon, our four-year-old. After thinking long and hard, his answer was, “I would ask to watch the superman movie and see Strawberry Shortcake in real life.” Apparently, I missed the mark on this one.

Thankfully, he has some time to grow and learn, at four I do not expect him to have a grasp on theology. What I learned in the process, though, was that some days I am successful in my attempt to leave the legacy my heart desires, and some days not so much. Even out in the real world my days operate just like this. In the end, I simply pray that I have more days of my “heart’s desire” and less of the “not-so-much.”



Just in case you missed it last time, here is the video for the song:



  1. Kori, everytime you post another one of your great thoughts into perfect ellaboration I just miss you and wish that you were close by. I wish you were close by because I know I would be able to grow as a person in our friendship. It’s a lonely world when you don’t have these important and real talks with your peers and friends often enough. Great job!!!

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