Welcome to the journey!

Wow! I am so excited you stopped by to visit. This journey has been an interesting one. Suffice it to say that I never saw myself blogging – not that I don’t have mounds of things to say. But who would have thought that sharing them with the world would be a feasible and desirable option?

So, I start today and pray for guidance. God has truly blessed our family. The Army has been home to my husband for about fifteen years now. I joined him in the journey almost seven years ago. Prior to being an Army wife, I did MANY things. I served as a Marine, worked as a city planner and recreation supervisor for a municipality, ran a YMCA outdoor adventure camp for teenagers, and lifeguarded. I did attend college along the way and graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Belton, Texas) in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Physical Education and from Stephen F. Austin State University (Nacogdoches, Texas) in 2003 with a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies (Public Administration, Communication, and Forestry). I grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas, living in the same house the entire time. Moving away when I went to college, I have now lived in five other states and not any one of them for more than two and a half years. God has taken me many places, and I have enjoyed every one. I have loved to meet so many godly people along the way and have truly appreciated the impact of so many in my life. I have come to understand, though, that each place is different than the last because I continue to grow and learn, hopefully becoming more like Jesus along the way.

This blog is an opportunity to share with you what God is doing in me, to be honest and passionate about my service to Him. He has challenged me to live for real – to jump into the life He has laid out for me head first and trust Him for the outcome.

This journey will be an exciting one because I have no idea where it leads. What I do know is that Jesus has taken care of me every step of the way, and I believe with all of my heart that He will continue to do so. Feel free to check in a couple of times a week. I would love for you to share what He is doing in you! May God bless you, and may He truly bless the journey.



  1. I am so impressed! Writing a book and getting it published is an amazing accomplishment, and I look forward to reading it this summer. I feel truly blessed to have grown up around the corner from you, and I treasure those memories of a lifetime ago. It is exciting to have a friend who blogs and is an author! Whoo Hoo! May God Bless us all in our journey and may we all live for real.


    • Kori Yates says:

      Joann –
      You rock! Thank you so much for the comment. I think I am far more blessed to have gotten to hang out with you. I would love to be close enough to at least go to dinner some night with you!! You never know where God might send us, though! Praying for your journey as well. Kori

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