Houses and Homes

It’s PCS (Permanent Change of Station) season in the military. Wonderful friends are off on new adventures, but this time we get to stay put. Woohoo!

This moving thing has put us in many places, though, and many houses. Living in so many different places has given us the chance to start two lists – things we do want to put in a retirement home someday and things we certainly do not want.

We do want those shelves in the pantry that pull out so I can see what is on them, but absolutely no carpet in the bathrooms. We do want a two-car garage with a little extra room so both vehicles can fit in it and we can still open the doors, but floral wallpaper anywhere in the house is not for me. Our list continues.

One thing we have learned is that “home” does not necessarily mean a permanent address.

This week I did a guest blog on a friend’s website about what home is to us. You should stop in at Our Military Home and check it out. She is also doing a giveaway of Olive Drab Pom-Poms and a $5 Starbucks giftcard, open till next Thursday. You might win!

I would like to hear what you have loved and loathed about the houses you have been in and how you define a home in your family. Feel free to share!


  1. We are fortunate enough to not be moving this PCS season also! Let me tell you what: I completely know where you are coming from with your dream lists though! We first PCS to a TINY 1BR apartment over someone’s garage! From there we moved to a 3 BR house on short notice and it was the first one we looked at, it worked, so we took it. Oh, the things this house has taught me I don’t and do want in a home is endless! Better fencing for the yard (and our dogs), a bigger kitchen, overhead lighting! Better air flow! This house has the worst floor plan when it comes to heat and AC spreading through!

    Fortunately, we will be gone in another year or two and we get to have another shot with another house and add to our list!

    Home is definitely wherever I am with my husband!

    {I found you through Taylor and am so happy I did! New follower right here!}

    • Elizabeth –
      Thanks for following! It is crazy what we experience sometimes. Cool thing is we can use the information down the road…and they make for great stories! Funny how our perspective changes due to our experiences.

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