Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice cream ROCKS! Of all of the things in the world to eat, this would be my favorite – chocolate flavor, of course. Okay, any flavor . . . with chocolate syrup. When it is in my house, it even calls my name – from the freezer in the basement no less. I can hear it at all times of the day and night, and I succumb. I can consume a half-gallon of ice cream in two days flat, no lie.

Periodically, I buy ice cream, knowing that this same result happens every time I do. I think, “This time will be different! I will have only a small scoop and only every few days.” Right – that works so well. I get it home and the first thought is “you know, if I just eat it all as fast as possible it won’t be a temptation any more.” I then proceed to consume it at an astronomical rate. You think I am kidding – ask my husband who looks for the ice cream he knows I bought two days ago. Yep, that’s right, gone.

I know none of you can relate to this. I am pretty sure nobody has a craving for anything quite as bad as I do for ice cream, but humor me a bit. Ice cream is my tangible demonstration of what happens to me so many times in my spiritual walk.

What am I talking about? Much sin can come from this very thing. I have looked all through the Bible and it says nothing about refraining from eating ice cream. It does on the other hand make reference to earthly things ruling over us.

The most poignant mention is in 1 Timothy 6:10 which says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” Just like my ice cream, the money itself is not evil. The evil is produced when we begin to love or prioritize it more than we do God himself. How sad that something so simple would cause us to wander from the faith.

Silly to think of ice cream in this context, but it happens. I give in and eat – lots (yummy), and then find myself feeling “chunky” or just disappointed in myself. Not a fun feeling when the ice cream wins again.

This happens to us all over and over, maybe not with ice cream, but maybe with kids, or possessions, or friendships, or jobs. So many things take the throne in our life – you know, the one God should be sitting on. We get distracted by things that are not necessarily bad, but produce evil when they become the priority. In the end, the only answer is to stay focused, to continue to strive. Using all of my energy to follow my Savior keeps me from following anything else.

Will I continue to eat ice cream? I am pretty for sure of it – I believe it is one of God’s most wonderful creations – but I may need an accountability partner to keep me on track, which is exactly why God gave me the Holy Spirit and my husband. I will be listening for the call of my Savior instead of the call from the freezer. A much better option, no doubt.


  1. Oh how I miss Bluebell ice cream! Can you send me some of their banana pudding????
    Thanks for posting this! I think of this verse periodically and often try to relate it to my children when our toys start to overwhelm the house. It is a tough concept to grasp and teach as well.

    • Bluebell is my favorite…as you well know. I have actually looked into mailing bluebell – only about $80 for four half-gallons! We talk about this verse often as well around our house, but I think I am challenged as much by it as my children are. I agree, Beth, tough concept both to grasp and to teach…

  2. I can take or leave ice cream. But I am impressed with your commitment to it! But I really shouldn’t be. When you are in, you are alllll in! 😉 Part of your charm. I am, however, partial thoe TAKE 5 candy bars? Holy Cow. Those are heaven in a wrapper. And when they put them in the office candy bowl? Diet Fail. If you need an extra accountability partner, let me know. Meanwhile, ignore this small pile of wrappers under my desk . . .

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