Knowing His Voice

Knowing His Voice

know your bibleSo many voices in the world and only One that matters. But do we know the One?

The more I read Scripture the more I realize that the apostles and those of the early church knew a lot about the law and Scriptures they had. They could quote from so many different parts of Old Testament law and prophets that it is amazing. Now granted, some of the Pharisees and such added some things and completely missed the heart of Scripture (and therefore missed Jesus), but they knew their Scripture.

As I sit and read my few chapters a day and attempt to help my children memorize Scripture, I realize that I know parts and pieces of what is truly the greatest story ever told. I struggle to memorize and rarely dig as deep as I should when reading.

I need to seek Him more, be hungry for the Word, and desire to have a more intimate relationship with Him. I need to know His voice.

With so many voices in the world, it can be so easy to get distracted or detoured. Finding truth in the midst of lies becomes almost impossible and loving others because we see them as God does is all but hopeless.

We need to know the Voice. We need to become so intimate with the One who called us that we know any voice that is not His and we can hear Him in the craziness that is around us.

Many years ago my mother used to sit in the hallway outside our bedrooms at night and sing hymns to my sister, my brother and I as we fell asleep. Great memory, right?

As we got older though, we became involved in the youth group at our church. On Sunday mornings we would run a little late to worship service. Finding my parents in the middle of 600 or so other people was a little difficult to say the least. My siblings and I learned a trick. We would simply wait till they sang a hymn and then we would be able to pick my mother out in the crowd because of her voice.   

God is just like that. If we spend time with Him and get to know His voice, we will be able to pick Him out in this crazy world as well and follow the One Voice that matters.

So to help us along, I would love to giveaway a little book called “Know Your Bible.” It is a great little resource to understand the foundation of each book of the Bible and hopefully challenge us to get into Scripture more, seeking to see God at work and know Him better.

How to you enter? Well, leave a comment sharing what resources you use to study your Bible or how you choose what to study. Easy as pie. Can’t wait to hear! Deadline to enter is Tuesday, April 23 at midnight.

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  1. Barbara Prisco says:

    Made me think of the bible study Discerning the Voice of God. Great one that I did last year. The new website looks great, Kori!

    • Barbara – Have not done Discerning the Voice of God. May have to try that one soon! Thank for the feedback on the website too!!

  2. I’m a Precept gal so I have a Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible (falling apart I want a new HCSB Apologetics one) that I love, we own a Strongs, Vines, etc and I like online commentaries ….but for daily readings I am currently going through a chronological plan and just keeping notes as God shows me and a list of promises.

    • Love precepts, Holly. We have some commentaries as well, but I am hoping to enlarge our “library”soon as I would like to have more resources available. As for chronological – that is actually how I have led the kids through the Bible for the past year and a half. We are now in Acts. Listing the promises is a great idea!

  3. Amanda Landrum says:

    I use bible studies to help me dig deeper into the Bible, but I recently have been feeling like its not enough. I need to do more, I need to know more! Working on it 🙂

    • I know the feeling Amanda. I have felt this lately, especially in more DVD based studies where I don’t have to find answers myself. I need to dig on my own. It is those times I retain more and God teaches me more.

  4. I have a website that I use that really gets to the truth and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Love you Kori and love reading your blog.

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