Lessons of Leadership

Lessons of Leadership

leader lessonWe are all leaders in some sense of the word. Leadership is not a matter of appointment or election. True leadership is intentional – doing the things we know to be right. It can be difficult – are we sure this is the right thing to do? Why does it feel like we keep climbing a mountain? Is anyone really following?

Well, this past year I have served as the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) President for our local chapter. Leadership by position. God used this time to teach me some things, though, and so I thought I would share them with you.

1. Diversity is a beautiful thing – we are from different places, at different stages in life, different ethnicities, different denominations, but you put us all together and we make a beautiful picture of Jesus. It is amazing what the church looked like to me when I was young and what it looks like to me now. Today it amazes me how we can be so different in some ways and have the common denominator of our Savior. He is what brings us together – very cool.

2. Conflict does not equal failure – truth be told, when conflict arises, I have every desire to run like the wind in the opposite direction. Sometimes we disagree – even as Christians (surprise, I know). But when we talk about it and share with each other in love, the conflict can actually make us stronger as people and as a church (a body of believers). It may be challenging to walk through, but worth it in the end. This conflict many times is a result of some spiritual warfare – we battle principalities and powers of this world, regularly. Fight the good fight, and allow it to be used for His glory.

3. Joy is not always in the circumstances – our joy is in our Savior and our service of Him. It really has nothing to do with our circumstances. Although this is much easier said than done, we must remember that all we are must be found in Him. He is the source of our joy and our hope. Happiness is something completely different.

4. Obedience is not always a “want to” thing – God expects obedience from all of us. Obedience of His word and His commands and callings on our lives. God showed me that just like with our children He expects obedience – full and complete – whether we want to or not. It is about our faithfulness to Him – not about us at all.

This is what He has taught me in the past months. Lessons that will hopefully make me a better leader – not a leader in name but a leader is spirit – showing the world my Jesus through my life.

So I would love to hear from you! What leadership lessons has He taught you? What makes a good leader? Who is someone in your life you have admired as a godly leader? What kind of leader are you?

Praying we are all leaders as we simply seek to follow Him.

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