Listening to God

Listening to God

Our conversation with Jesus should be ongoing. We’ve heard it many times, “You can talk to God anywhere at any time.” The conversation should be about more than just talking, though. Finding moments when we listen to God are vital.

God can talk to us in so many ways. We hear Him in the voices of our children, the hymns we sing on Sunday morning, the voices that come to us through the radio, circumstances He uses, our church family through sermons, Bible study and fellowship, and, of course, though His Word. He talks to us in so many ways, but I wonder sometimes if we are listening.

I struggle with this. Not because I don’t want to listen, but because there are so many other voices and noises distracting my attention. We can hear God in the middle of these distractions, but it can be difficult. To listen to and actually hear God, I believe sometimes we need to listen intentionally. We need to notice times and moments when He speaks to us and see if maybe there might be a trend. Is it when you sit quietly in your favorite chair and wait? Is it in the woods while you are waiting for deer? Maybe it is the few times you are in your car alone.

He speaks, He does, intentionally, desiring a relationship with us – one that goes both ways. He is always listening, but He also needs to be heard. Our job is to hear and to obey. Can’t be that hard, but it seems to be at times.

How and when does He talk to you? I have certain times when He seems to speak to me consistently. You might think I am crazy (and you might be right), but God speaks to me quite frequently at two certain times – when I take a shower and when I vacuum. Crazy, I know. He does speak to me at other times, but these two are pretty consistent.

During these times, I can hear His voice. I should probably get some bath crayons for the shower, because I for sure have things to write down. It is also difficult to vacuum and write as well – and voice recording during this time doesn’t work so well either, but He speaks. When He says something, it is worth remembering and writing down. I really think He talks to me in these two activities because I tend to be in my own world during these times and noise of the outside in drowned out. They are opportune moments for Him to get my attention.

Now, I am sure you think my house is spotless. Because if God speaks to me when I vacuum then I probably do that all the time, right? Not so much. I do shower regularly, all of those I run into surely are thankful. But even then, I am not always listening.

I am determined, though, to intentionally create these moments whether vacuuming, showering, or whatever. I want to make moments when I hear Jesus. I want to hear His voice, know what He has to say, and then have a heart to obey.

I challenge you to do the same. Find those times when God speaks to you most, see if there might just be a pattern, intentionally find those times, and listen. Listen for the voice of God to speak to your heart, and then obey. Our purpose and place in life at this moment is no surprise to God. We need to hear what He would have us to do in this time and this place and then do that – very difficult to do if we cannot hear Him. Seek His voice today and listen.

When does God talk to you? Do you have a difficult time listening?

I would love to hear how you make the time to listen to God. And should you ever run into me and I am worried, concerned, confused, whatever, just tell me to go vacuum my house.

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