Why I Love Being a Military Spouse

Why I Love Being a Military Spouse

Being the eternal optimist and always in search of an adventure, I love military life – and I am certain being a military wife is exactly what God intended for me.

I reflect on Military wife-life today for two reason – it is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and I am joining the ranks of the blog carnival at Wives of Faith.

I chuckle at times about my military wife-life. God certainly has a sense of humor. I was married to a Marine the first time (feel free to read the book to get this whole story – Olive Drab Pom-Poms), then I became a Marine myself. Crazy, yes? During that time, I met my most awesome, truly amazing Army dude in the history of the world. I think it is a little funny because regardless of circumstances, God apparently wanted me to be a military wife.

I really do love it. I have lived in places from Hawaii to Texas, made friends that are scattered around the globe, and got a front row seat to God’s awesome power – even in the details of the paint color of a house. This life rocks for so many reasons, but mostly because I believe it is exactly where I am supposed to be and I get to enjoy the adventure with a man I am certain God designed just for me.



By the way, I also think I make a much better spouse than a military member. 🙂


  1. You inspire me!! I gave said hello to many people in my life but none as amazing as you!!

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