Below is a list of topics Kori has spoken on at past events. God is continuously teaching her new things and leading her to new places. She would love to chat with you about a topic God has laid on your heart!


Living the Adventure: Finding Your Calling as a Military Wife: 

Excitement. Adventure. Joy. Words not usually used to describe our military wife life, but I believe it is God’s heart for us. He has brought us all to this calling from so many other places. What does He want us to do? How have we seen Him already at work? Dive into this adventure! Find joy and excitement in the “job” we never expected.

Pictures of Jesus: 

God has given us a picture of Jesus since time began. Let’s take a look at the “big” picture of Jesus through Scripture and the local body of believers. Hang on, though, as we search and find ourselves in the huge picture of love and grace! Where are you in the picture? Come find out! Join us as we learn:

1. To see Jesus throughout Scripture

2. Recognize the Church as a picture of Jesus

3. See how God has designed us to reflect Him

Treasure Hunt:  

Life has much to do with expectations and we serve an amazing God! In view of this, life becomes a treasure hunt as we look for what God has done before we arrived and what He continues to do. Together we will:

1. Begin to look with new perspective on the place God planted us

2. Learn to watch for God in everyday life

3. Trust Him with our future because He has been so consistent in our past

Telling the Story God Gave You:  

God has given us each a story. Twists and turns, ups and downs, they all come together in a big picture of what God can do and what He is doing in us. Our testimony becomes more than our salvation experience, and in turn, shows a personal relationship with our Savior. Join us as we remember what God has done in us and how we can use that story to share Him with the world.

Prayer Changes Things: 

We serve a powerful and compassionate God. He hears ours prayers and life around and in us changes. Join us as we take a look at answers to prayer, times when God seems silent, and reexamine where our focus should be. Let’s learn again that:

1. Prayer does change things

2. Sometimes prayer is more about changing us

3. Regardless of the answer, we should worship the One who answers them


Bloom Where You are Planted

Looking at frontier military wives, we are amazed at their strength and diligence as they faced every day challenged and changed history. We wish we could be more like them. We are. God has given us our own frontier and He has a purpose for us in this place. As we follow the guidance of Paul in Ephesians 4, we find the calling God has for us today and become stronger as we face life on our frontier.