Spontaneous Joy

Spontaneous Joy

Neighbors are always a question when you move to a new place. Some are awesome, some not-so-much. On our move to Kansas, we had no idea what our neighbors were even like for over a month. We moved in the middle of winter with snow almost a foot deep and two more big snow storms in the first month of our time there. We had no idea who lived in the neighborhood.

Then I met Liz.

With her beautiful blond hair and those flashy red glasses, I knew there was more to her than meets the eye. I am a stick-to-the-schedule, stay-in-the-lines type of chick – Liz is not.

From her junking finds to her mud-covered-boys, she is the epitome of spontaneity and joy. Known for her sense of humor and her awesome sense of style, hanging out with Liz is an adventure for which I am very thankful.

God knew what I needed and He put her two doors down.

I knew her as the mother of four originally from South Carolina. Come to find out she was also a registered nurse and was actually born in Massachusetts. Who knew?

Liz could write a book on how to throw an awesome party on a dime or how to decorate your home for lots of nothing…she is that good. But at the same time, she makes me feel normal and challenges me to step out of my box at times. Because, you know, sometimes it is okay to put all the dirty clothes in the pack’n’play and hide it behind the couch before everyone comes over. After all, we are all just people.

Some of my favorite times with Liz were when we would walk or ride our bikes early in the morning before the hubby’s left for work or those times when she would call mid-morning on a homeschool day to tell me muffins were ready. Sitting on her front porch or back patio watching the kids play were some great times and camping with Liz and her family rocks.

Liz is fun and funny, but she taught me quite a bit.

1. Sometimes it’s okay to not stick to your schedule.

2. Spontaneity can be way fun!

3. God calls us to be friends with many different people on our path, and Liz knows how to love them all.

She loves the adventure of military life (except the finding a new hair dresser every move part), but has learned that it takes her a bit after each move to acclimate again, giving herself some time to create new friendships. Although sometimes hesitant to jump out there, once she is in, she’s in. She sees life with a sense of humor that has served her well and has also learned not to sweat the small stuff – like the collection of lizards in the garage or questionable sounds from the bathroom. She has learned to love life and invest in her children and those around her.

Has she changed me? Yes. God used her for that and I am thankful. She has taught me to live outside the lines a little and enjoy the view sometimes, even when I get overwhelmed with my to-do-list. I would love it if she still lived two doors down, but God has used her to bless others in another place, and no doubt He will continue to do so. Thankful that friends don’t count miles.

Who has God brought into your life to show you the humor and joy in things? To give you a different perspective?

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