The Story

Aging is a wonderful thing. I am not what you might consider old…unless of course you happen to be my four-year-old. But I have learned in my time that age can be a tremendous blessing.

I know many are thinking, “a blessing, really? My bones start to hurt, things start to not work like they used too, somehow my brain seems to detach from the rest of me more each year, and what about all those grey hairs sticking straight up on my head?” In looking at all of these things, age might be a challenge, albeit sometimes more mental than physical.

But just think… the more years we live, the more of a story we have to tell!

Life becomes like a tapestry that God has woven with us. And the longer we live, the more we can see the tapestry and the beautiful masterpiece He continues to create. How awesome is that?

I get to take that tapestry, the story of me, and share it with others. My story begins to give people just a glimpse of the power and grace of my Jesus.

I have spent times sitting next to my grandmothers (women tend to talk more) and listened as they told me of young married life, what my parents were like when they were younger, the places they’ve lived and dreams they’ve had. All beautiful stories. I remember the stories of my parents and their adventures pre-marriage as well as the days I cannot recall when I was young.

I love the stories.

But the best stories of all are the ones that draw the picture of Jesus. Not just that awesome moment when He saved me, but the time He answered a prayer and I could not believe the results, the time I heard His voice and followed, the time He comforted when my heart hurt, the time He walked with me through experiences I did not know I could live through, the friends and acquaintances He has brought across my path to help, challenge, hold, and carry me, and even the times He paid the bills when I didn’t not think it was possible. These are the stories to tell. These are the ones that He has given me in order to more fully share Him with the world.

The years of life just give me more stories to tell…and what a blessing. To look back and begin to see the masterpiece of me. Yup, aging is pretty cool – and I pray I have many years left to tell my story.

Have you noticed the masterpiece He is creating with you? Have you told your story lately? What a wonderful blessing of life to see true evidence of the God of the Universe at work in us!

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