Two Questions

Two Questions

My toes are frozen and it’s only November. No worries. They match my fingers and nose. The cold has arrived here in Kansas. I am not ready.

With seventy degree temperatures yesterday, I was living the life, even if it was windy. Today, I got initiated to the cold because my sweet husband shot his first buck of the season and called for some tracking assistance. I don’t think he actually needed the help, but he sure was glad the kids and I were there when he found the “monster buck.” You should have seen him jumping around, hugging and kissing. He is my sweet deer-slayer.

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As much as I love him, though, I was not actually ready to go into the cold. The weatherman said it was in the upper twenties with a wind chill of about 13 degrees. Being away from home, I did not bring my warm boots, gloves, coat, or anything else that might keep me warm. Dressed in a couple of sweatshirts, jeans and tennis shoes, I ventured out. You know I love that man. It has been hours since then and I am still cold.

If you know me at all, you know that God has something to teach me in moments just like this. Sure enough…

Wiggling my toes trying to feel them again, I heard His voice.

1. “Kori, I am going to call you into some uncomfortable things sometimes, too. Are you ready? Do you have your gear ready?” Ready? I don’t know. This question always makes me wonder. He wants me to be ready for anything and yet I have no clue what. I should probably work on the gear.

The gear we need is standard issue. He gives us His presence, a relationship we need to continue to nurture. He gives us His word, a love letter with all of the instructions we will ever need. He gives hope, joy, courage. The list goes on and on. Crazy thing about gear though is you have to actually use it for it to work right. It takes some getting used to – what kind of socks to I wear with these boots, what layers will I need and in what order do they go on, and do I really need a hat?

Gear is important. Good quality gear, knowing how to put it on and use it, and making sure it is with you – all important aspects when it comes to gear. Am I set with my spiritual gear? I need to make sure my relationship with god is functional, know and understand His Word, and act on the joy, hope and courage I have living inside of me.

2. He did ask a second question: “Are you willing?” Be ready and being willing are two different things. When my husband called about the deer, I was willing because I love that man more than anything on earth. Truth, though, I was really praying we would find that deer really fast.
God wants me to be willing, whenever, wherever. He wants me to love Him so much that I would be willing to do anything, even if I do not know the outcome or the steps it will take to get there. He has plans and desires for my life that can take me through some cold and weary times. His desire is not for me to follow out of obligation, but to desire to follow Him out of the overflow of my heart. Am I willing?

God takes us through some crazy stuff sometimes. We are not always completely prepared (at least we don’t feel that way) and sometimes our heart wonders if it was such a brilliant idea after all, but He stays with us. When God calls us to things, He is glad to be with us and glad we are part of what He is doing.

We tracked the deer and found it. You should have seen the excitement that ensued. If my husband had been in the woods alone, he might have been excited but not like this. Sharing the joy in the journey is altogether different. He was also quite impressed with my tracking ability. I am good, I tell ya.

I don’t think God is ever majorly impressed with my abilities, because we all know where they come from anyway. I do think He enjoys sharing the joy in the triumphs with us. He could do it all without us but chooses not to – and aren’t we glad. My goodness, the things we would miss if He just left us back where we were. He allows us to be part of what He is doing in this world – there is no greater honor and no greater joy.

I leave you today with the same two questions:

1. Are you ready?
2. Are you willing?

We certainly don’t want to miss out!
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  1. Good questions, aren’t they. Ready is not the same as willing and willing isn’t always ready. Ready and willing is only by the grace and resource of God. Loved this post today, Kori.

    • You are right, Ginger, ready and willing are not the same. I am learning and growing…thank goodness. He certainly gives much grace. Thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement and friendship!

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