Up to Something

Up to Something

God is up to something. He always is. At the present time, I have no idea what.

And that is okay.

Our family is in kind of a holding pattern as of late. We are still actively involved in our church and community, but have yet to make any long-term commitments. It is a little weird. Jumping in is what we do! It usually takes us very little time to get involved in what God is doing when we move from one place to the next, but we are going on six months and still have no clue where He would like us to serve or what He would like us to do.

This does NOT mean He is not doing something here. God is doing things here at Fort Leavenworth and He is doing things in us.

Sometimes we just have seasons – all of us. This is a growing time for us as we learn to trust and rest. It also challenges us to be looking and listening expectantly, praying that our eyes and our hearts will be open to see Him at work around us.

Technically, life should always be like this – resting in is presence, building a relationship with Him, and looking expectantly for Him to work. I am working through the study “Experiencing God” lately and read a sentence today. It said, “Your walk with God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is the single most important aspect of your life” (Experiencing God, pg 55). Yes, yes it is.

Doing stuff is not what Jesus is about. He is about relationship – the one we have with Him. The “doing” will be an overflow of that.

God is up to something in my world and in yours. He is big enough to do it all. Are you building a relationship with Him and are looking expectantly for what He is doing in your world?

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