My husband laughs at me periodically. Someone will ask me if I heard a song. Before they even finish the question, my hubby chimes in. He sweetly informs them that whatever question they have about music, I will not have heard of it or remember anything about it.

I really enjoy music, but for whatever reason my brain does not remember lyrics, song titles or artist names. I have the same issue with movies, TV shows, all that kind of stuff. Someone asked once how I could worship when I don’t remember songs.

Good question.

I do remember some hymns I grew up with and can randomly sing a piece of a song, without knowing who sings it or the song title. I worship corporately with others and even in the car by myself with music. Sometimes the words mean so much because it’s like they are new again.

But let me throw a crazy idea out there…is it possible to worship without music?

I say – YES!

I believe worship can come in many forms. I have seen ladies worship while working on a quilt and others worship as they paint. Worship can come through writing, dance, spoken words, acts of service, prayer and so many other ways. It is an attitude of the heart and an awe of our mighty God.

My husband loves to worship in a deer stand. He has had many encounters with the awesomeness of God in those hours. He gets to watch the forest wake up and even had a very close encounter with an owl once.

One of my most favorite times of worship is early in the morning when I am outside running. In the quiet, when the sun is just coming up, God and I have the most wonderful talks. By myself and having a chance to breathe for a bit, He usually reminds me through my surroundings that He is truly God of all things and is present today. Both of these truths cause my heart to overflow with love for Him. I could not ask for anything more from the God of the universe.

Worship comes in many shapes and forms. We worship a mighty and awesome God. He deserves our honor, admiration, and worship.

How do you worship? What moments in life cause you to be overwhelmed by who He is?

My goal for today – to worship. Because He is truly worthy of such.

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