About me

I LOVE adventure – and God knew it  all along. If I had my way, I would periodically rappel off rock  cliffs, scuba dive in oceans around the world, and jump out of  airplanes. So far, only two of the three have been accomplished. I am praying my husband can hook me up with the third.

I LOVE adventure – have I told you  that? The greatest adventure of all, though, is the journey of my  walk with Christ. The adrenaline rush when I feel the Holy Spirit pushing me to do something I never expected, the surprising paths on which this journey takes me, these are the moments of unforeseen adventure I could never have anticipated.

My husband, the soldier, has been my partner in this adventure for about twelve years now. He still chuckles at me in those moments when I am amazed at God’s provision and faithfulness again, wondering why I am so surprised after God has taken care of so much through the years. We live this life with the two children God has put in our care, our daughter – 12 years and  our son – 9 years.

We love to camp, play in the front yard, make cupcakes, and enjoy quiet evenings around a board game. We are home-bodied, introverts who randomly step out of our comfort zone because it is what God has called us to do, meeting some amazing people and watching God do some awesome things along the way. Our nomadic life is something we have come to cherish. The journey  becomes more of a treasure hunt as we get a front row seat to God at work.

Personally, I love to run, read, sew, bake, and eat chocolate, which is exactly why I run. I attempt to be creative on occasion, and am at times successful. Longing to be more like Christ tomorrow than I am today, I have become a huge fan of grace. God has challenged me to encourage other women to  jump in, heart and soul, to the life God has laid out for them –  and what an awesome life it is!