A Front Row Seat

A Front Row Seat

I have been a part of launching a new ministry (www.plantingroots.net – if you haven’t seen it!). It has certainly been an adventure. But isn’t life one big adventure anyway?

The launching of Planting Roots and the last year of preparation and planning have given me a front row seat to God at work. I have had the opportunity to watch Him whisper to my heart and then cross my path with others to whom God whispered the same thing. He built a team of phenomenal ladies, some of whom I have never actually met in person, and brought about provision, resources, and partners in this walk.

If you have seen the promotional video, you have also seen the grace and love of some friends of mine to spend hours with me in that process. Not just because they like me, but because they believe in what God is doing as well, because God is up to much.

Being intimately involved has given me a chance to see the tangible hand of God on all of it – and He is not finished yet. I have loved to watch and participate in what He is doing and get even more excited about what is to come. Every time God does something, I am amazed. I know He is God and capable of far more than I could imagine, but to think that He showed up in this little life of mine in such magnificent ways is truly humbling…and amazing.

In the past few days, though, I have been reminded that God is ALWAYS at work. ALWAYS. This new adventure is no different than the rest of my life, maybe I have just been looking more lately. I know sometimes it is easier to see Him at work than other times. We walk through difficult moments and wonder if He even knows we exist, but He is still at work even then.

He is a big, powerful, magnificent God who loves us each so intimately that He is constantly at work around us. My prayer becomes a request that my eyes are open and my heart is ready at all times to see what He is doing. I pray He reminds me moment by moment that He is ALWAYS at work around me and that it is all for HIS glory.

I believe it is a reminder we all need sometimes. Be on the lookout for what He is doing in your world and be ready to jump in. He has great things in store as He furthers His Kingdom in this world and we are invited to be a part. If you would like to follow our journey and join us on the front row, feel free to visit Planting Roots. We would love to have you!
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  1. I love the testimony that God is ALWAYS at work–it can be easy to forget that in the heat of crazy moments. So excited to see what God is going to do through Planting Roots.

    • Ginger – I too am excited to see what God does. I think we miss so much of it simply because we are not looking. So glad He is always paying attention. I am also quite thankful you are on this journey with me!

  2. I have loved seeing Him work through this whole process. Even in the smallest details, He has been there. I also appreciate your reminder, that God is there even in the everyday, mundane moments.

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