Battle Buddies

Battle Buddies

I have been reminiscing as of late about the places God has taken me in my life to this point. A deep thought to ponder, I am sure. We are currently in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas – not for prison, but for a school. Lots of people come here for school, some even from other services. All of our neighbors are here for the same purpose and, therefore, are only in town for about a year just as we are. A short time in the grand scheme of things, but God can do a lot in a year – trust me.

The other night we sat in our neighbor’s driveway around the fire pit and watched the kids play (and ate some really yummy chili). I listened to them talk of planning to go other places for school, but those plans did not work. The Army/Air Force/Navy whoever sent them here. We were all thankful for where we landed, but I would beg to disagree as to who sent them.

I believe God sent them here, right next door to me. He does every time. Sometimes they do not live geographically next door and sometimes I know them for longer (or shorter) periods of time, but regardless God crosses my path with others and I am blessed. I call them battle buddies.

My husband uses this term as well as most who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. It refers to a comrade or brother-in-arms that they become close to or look out for as they face the enemy together.

God has given such buddies to me as well. Granted, I don’t usually dodge bullets or drive in convoys, but life, military life in particular, can be a battle against an unseen enemy. Satan uses all kinds of tactics from fear to depression, from fatigue to lonliness to wage war and cause us to cower in defeat. God has a better plan.

He gave me the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me to give me the strength and power to defeat such an enemy, but in His all-knowing wisdom He gave me battle buddies along the way as well. He knew very well that sometimes a physical hug would go a long way and how comforting it would be to connect with someone who knew exactly what I was talking about and had been there too. He knew I would need someone to cheer me on when my husband was not there and watch the kids when I just met them two days ago. He knew . . . everything, and He has blessed me, more than words could say.

Some of those buddies have been there for a season and some have remained, either way they have been the hands and feet of Jesus in my life. God planned for each of them to play a part in my world, and I am forever thankful and continuously amazed at the care He has for me, even in the little things like putting our awesome neighbors next door.

Thank you God for the battle buddies of my life who help me wage war on the enemy and win. Whether military or civilian, thank you for allowing their path to cross with mine and allowing them to make a difference in me. I will forever be amazed at Your love and grace in the details. May you bless their lives as much as you have mine through them.

Do you have battle buddies? Who has God brought into your path and why are you thankful for them?


  1. Miss you battle buddy! This made me cry! Can you and Barb and Kim PLEASE come over for some coffee and chit-chat????

    • You know I would be there in a heartbeat. We could hang out and let the kids go crazy. I really miss hanging with you, but so thankful you are still a part of my life.

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    Kori, don’t stop writing and sharing with others! I’m so happy that you’ve found your purpose in doing God’s work!

    • Thank you, Barbara. You are always such an encouragement. I have no idea how you do that!

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Beth, anytime! It’s a shame how much we miss one another but I know I’ll have all 3 of you guys in my heart everyday!

        So..not to annoy myself but I have to say this…Kori your post made me want to cry for several reasons. First, it means I’ve come a long way from being the awkward shy one. It has taken so much time to build the confidence just say what I’m feeling or thinking. I have found my voice through God. I was always afraid I sounded cheesy and then I would be rejected. God deserves all credit for this…I just would not be able to be comfortable in my own skin without him in my heart everyday. Plus, God sported me an amazing man that reminds me that I need to say what I’m feeling everyday and be confident in myself. Nick’s heart is so good and I watch him in action with people…I think to myself..I want to be like my husband in that way…confident, sincere and always connected in the moment. I LOVE YOU THREE! I MEAN THAT! I gotta run for now. Keep searching and he’ll lead the way always.

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