Clueless and Thankful

Sometimes God is doing stuff I have no clue about. I know y’all are surprised. Reading the book of Daniel again lately is simply a reminder. Check out Chapter 10. Daniel was fasting and praying. He had received multiple visions throughout the book, but the last one really got him.

He waited for God to minister to him as he waited on the bank of the Tigris River – three weeks he waited. Distraught, tired, and still mourning, he finally sees a man standing before him. God had sent someone. This heavenly being proceeded to explain to Daniel what had “held him up.”

The guy was fighting demons, demons so fierce that Michael, “one of the chief princes,” had to come help him. At the end of the chapter, he explains to Daniel that when they finish talking he  is headed back to fight some more.

This could get into a deep discussion about angels and demons and such, but that is not the objective today.

God reminded me of two things when I read this. First, God is quite often doing things around me that I know nothing about. I am just bopping through my happy little life completely clueless at times. I wonder how many times God protected me, cleared the path around me, or simply worked in the circumstances or people with whom He knew I would come in contact. He continues to do battle for me daily, and how thankful I am.

Second, I noticed that Daniel waited three weeks. Three weeks of fasting and mourning before anybody showed up. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I pray about things or wait for God to move and it feels like it takes forever. Three weeks must have felt like a long time, especially when he was fasting. Daniel even said in verse 8, “I had no strength left.”

Daniel was amazing, though, because when the heavenly being showed up Daniel did not question why it took so long. He knew God had a reason and he waited. Waited – now that is a challenging word.

God always has our best interest in mind, loves us more than life itself (obviously), and wants more for us than we could ever imagine. Why is it so hard to wait?  Today, I am comforted in the fact that He is busy doing things I know nothing about, and that if I will wait (even to the point where “I have no strength left”) He will always show up.

How thankful I am today that I don’t understand everything.

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