For such a time as this…

For such a time as this…

Mordecai said these words to Queen Esther thousands of years ago, but boy, do they still hold some truth.

Esther 4:14b actually says, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther had become queen of Persia through a very long and strange process. After over a year of waiting, the King picked her. A time would come when her people would be in trouble, facing possible annihilation, and her position would save them all.

God used Esther for that moment, but I believe He used her for many more moments as well. This one short story is most likely a very small picture of a much bigger life. God did not just make her for one moment. I believe He made her for many.

As I mentioned, Mordecai said these words to Esther. He was correct, but I forget sometimes that he was there for such a time as well. God had placed him where he was to save the King’s life, to guide Esther, and to eventually take Haman’s position as the King’s right-hand man. It was all part of a much bigger plan – one that would not only play out in the immediate world of the Persian Empire, but also through history as a small glimpse of God in the details.

 I really think that these ancestors of the faith are cool. They seem to face such adversity and challenge with faith and perseverance, emulating traits that God would have us possess.

Yesterday in Bible study, we were discussing Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mom. She exhibited great faith as well. I think she was awesome, but I wonder many times what she would say if she were here today to read about her story in the Bible. Would she laugh and say “Yeah, good thing they didn’t see me on my bad days!” or maybe she would just be thankful for the story they did tell. Regardless, I have come to see the men and women of Scripture as people just like me. Elizabeth was great, but I really believe she had her crazy days too.

Esther had to tackle some fear and Elizabeth surely wondered about God’s purpose when her son was in the wilderness eating locust. In the end, they were women just like me. They had their challenges, but God used them anyway. He put them at those very moments of history, and they made a difference. These singular examples of their lives are just a very small picture of who they were and what they accomplished.

For me? I am here for such a time as this as well.  God chose this moment of history in which to put me, and who knows the future effects of the decisions I make today. How cool to think, though, that through prayer like Esther and faithfulness like Elizabeth I too can make an impact on history – and maybe even one persons eternity. I am planted exactly where I am for such a time as this. Can’t wait to see how God is going to use me – even if I have to wait for Heaven to find out.

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