God is God – even in Kentucky

God is God – even in Kentucky

As I shared with you all last week, my sweet children are visiting their Granny in Kentucky for a couple of weeks. This is very strange for me and has actually been quite the spiritual growth opportunity.


This is Kentucky – located somewhere west of Maryland (which is where I am).

Being the first time my kids have been away from me for more than a couple of days, it made me a little nervous at first. I was not expecting that. Not that I don’t love my kids, but I have never had a crazy fear about things – you know, like paranoia.

I was belaboring the anxiety, and then I remembered a conversation I had with a friend not a few weeks ago. We were talking about husbands deploying (a common topic in military life) and she asked how I handled such things. Didn’t I worry about him in a combat zone? Think of all the things that could happen to him!!

I shared with her what I had learned from my mother twenty-five years ago. My older brother had enlisted in the Marines and been sent to the desert with hundreds of thousands of other Marines and Soldiers and Airmen and Sailors – all in this little skirmish they called Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I was a freshman in college that year and wrote my brother on a regular basis. In all the time he was gone, my mom never freaked out. I asked her about it one day.

She said, “Kori, God is either God everywhere or He is not God at all.” Apparently, this included the sandbox. She was certain that God would preserve my brother as long as He chose. When it was time for my brother to meet Jesus, God would take him whether he was on the couch at home or in a combat zone.

chan desert storm

My brother, Chandler, hanging out in the sandbox. Semper fi.

She was right.

God is either God everywhere or not God at all.

I shared this very thing with my friend not a week or so ago, then just days later the fear crept into my heart. My children were heading out – they would be swimming, playing on the playground, watching TV. Who was going to protect them if I wasn’t there? Granny loves them dearly and I know she cares for them like they were her own, but satan threw the fear in anyway.

I was reminded that truthfully only God protects my children – He just lets me help sometimes.

Just like my husband when he is gone, I have to trust in the One who loves them even more than I do. I have to believe that God is God everywhere or He is not God at all.

How thankful I am for a mighty God who loves better than I do. God really is God – even in Kentucky :).

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  1. Lou Tyler says:

    Thanks Kori, I really needed this today, yesterday and tomorrow for now I have the reassurance knowing that God is taking care of our Michelle no matter where she is at. Keep up the Godly work. Bless you.

    • Thank you, Lou. This is something God has to continuously remind me about. He is always in control and loves us more than life itself. I am very thankful :). Thank you for the encouragement today!!

  2. This was so great to read. I could just hear your Mom saying those words. Such a wise woman. I appreciate your words and godliness as it is such an encouragement. Hope all is well!

    • All is great, Joann! So glad you stopped by. You have been such a blessing to me for so many years. Would love to run into you in person soon! Praying all is well in the Lone Star State! Thank you for the encouragement… and for wonderful memories of my mom :).

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