He Speaks

He Speaks

God still talks to us.

Reading Scripture, we see Him talking to people in miraculous ways, from burning bushes to fingers writing on the wall. He spoke through people, angels, and even donkeys. We read in awe how He moved, worked, and spoke through the times of the Old Testament and even into the New Testament.

If you are like me, sometimes I wish for Him to speak to me in ways just like that. I would even be okay with a letter sent through the United States Post Office, but I have yet to receive one from God himself. In times when I am seeking answers and direction, I truly wish for Him to speak to me in such obvious ways.

And do you know what?

He does!

No, I have not had a conversation with a donkey lately nor have I spoken with a burning bush, but I know that He speaks.

As I have sought answers and direction lately in multiple areas, I have heard Him loud and clear speaking right to my heart. Has He answered every question? No. Is my path for the future completely clear in all areas? No.

Has He answered some questions? Has He given me assurance of His presence? Has He shown up and given me guidance for today? Unequivocally, yes.

Sitting in worship service and the pastor is talking straight to me. Praying diligently about something and then a friend stands in my living room and with a couple of words makes things perfectly clear. Searching for answers and becoming impatient and He wakes me with a verse in my brain and brings another verse with the same point in my Bible reading time.

Does God still speak? Yes, He does.

I share this with you today because I know many of you are seeking answers as well. I know you have questions about current circumstances or future endeavors. You, too, need guidance in relationships, jobs, ministries, and life. Just like me you desire to do the things He wants you to do and follow the path He has made for you.

And no doubt, just like me, you get discouraged and become uncertain in the midst.

Today, my encouragement to you is that He indeed does still speak – to you and me as individuals, investing in our lives because He truly cares about who we are and what our life becomes. He is a God of love and grace. I am thankful.

For those of us seeking answers and guidance, I say we do a few things.

1. Listen – this is quite possibly the most challenging for me. As I tell my children, hearing and listening are two different things. The same applies to our conversations with God. Listening means we hear what He is saying and follow what He says. Not just white noise, but words of hope and peace.

2. Obey – continue to do what He told you last. He also expects us to follow the guidance He has already given us in Scripture. His words and commands are there for us to follow – specific guidance for all of us who are followers of Christ. Do that.

3. Believe – we have to trust who He is. His reputation precedes Him through Scripture. It is a story of His love and pursuit of His people. We must believe that He is still that same God today and trust Him.

4. Sit – we have to slow down and just sit at His feet. I am the world’s worst at thinking I have to continuously “do” something. God desires for us to spend time with Him. He wants a relationship and that only comes from one place – time with Him.

So, for those who are searching for direction, longing for guidance, and desiring a destination, I encourage you to enjoy the journey. The walk with Him is the greatest blessing of all as we watch the gift of our lives unfold. Enjoy it.
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  1. Sometimes it seems difficult to discern God’s leading and guidance and then at other times is is so clear. I have really been praying to be more aware and responsive to God’s still, small voice in the midst of my day. Several times this week it has been clearer to me and I realize I’ve been hearing all along in so many ways.

    • I know how you feel, Ginger. I have been praying for the still small voice as well and love when I can feel His presence and hear His voice speaking just to me. So many questions, but so glad He is there and He has a plan. By the way, have seen God doing great things through you lately. You are such a blessing.

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