Long time no see…

Long time no see…

Hello! I know  I have been MIA lately but it has been a busy month! I headed to the Protestant Women of the Chapel International Conference the first weekend of November. It was a great experience and I REALLY enjoyed seeing friends from literally around the world. It is also awesome to worship in a room with almost 1500 other women.

From conference, I met up with my family and we spent some good family time down in Texas. We needed the downtime to relax and renew our family. Just like many of you, we feel pulled in many different directions and sometimes we need to stop and pull our family together again. We had a great time!


I know we are right in the middle of the Camp Follower Series. If you have not read the previous posts, feel free to do so. The next post will pop up in the next couple of days. I love to think back and see how God has crossed my path with others and what He has taught me through them. I am truly blessed. So – be on the lookout!

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