Make a List

Make a List

Military women make lists. Don’t we?

Yes, we make to do lists and grocery lists, but we make another kind of list that I love. Whether at the end of an assignment, the end of a career, an anniversary, or birthday, we make a list. You may have done it as well.

“Thank you honey for eleven years, six houses, two children, and two pets. I wouldn’t trade a second.”

Or maybe this, “Thank you to my family for your support through this career as I’ve experienced twenty years of military life, fourteen moves, seventeen jobs, and countless friends and colleagues. I could not have done it without you.”

We make lists.

I have not ever noticed my civilian friends doing this, by the way. Most of the time these lists are for one specific purpose – to say thank you to someone for their love and grace through the adventure. It is a noble purpose and a uniqueness I have seen in our military culture.

During this Christmas season, many of us make all kinds of lists from shopping lists to menus. This season, though, I would like us to make another list. The “Thank You List” of military women is great for anniversaries and retirement ceremonies, but what if we made one for Jesus?

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As we come to the end of a year, looking ahead to see what might be down the road, maybe we could be reminded of what He has already done in our lives. The road ahead can be uncertain, sometimes it can be downright scary.

This list does just that.

It could go something like this: “Thank you Jesus for one amazing husband for eleven years, two beautiful children, protection and provision for six different moves, countless friends and neighbors that have poured into us, some of them becoming like family. Only you could see this path and I wouldn’t have wanted to take any other.”

This list could go on for miles and only cover the past few years from jobs and hospital visits to road trips and school. When you start adding it all up and seeing in real, tangible terms what He has truly done, we could not help but be humbled. Even more than that though, it should give us courage and hope for the future He still holds in His hands.

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So during this time of year when you’re making your lists and checking them twice, don’t forget this one. The road ahead may be uncertain and unnerving, but the same God who has taken care of our past continues to hold our future. Remember, and in turn, be courageous.

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  1. Love this idea of making a list like this at the end of the year. What a powerful way to build faith and empower gratitude. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I do love how it builds faith, Ginger. We can step into so much with confidence in who He is when we take the time to remember what He has already done. So thankful we serve a God who is unchanging.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY love this post! Thanks! I do this every night as I post 3 things I am GR8TFUL for as my last Face Book status of the night! However, keeping an on-going list like this would be great!

    • Thank you, Larissa! I do love to read your three things every day! It is amazing what faith and strength can come from remembering what He has already done!

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