All About Jesus

All About Jesus

I had told you all earlier in the week that I was attempting to hammer down a topic for the blog, but had failed to be with Jesus – to spend time in worship of Him. My intent was to do that and then hopefully have a complete brainstorm and share something profound with you.

God planned for me to share something profound alright. It was just not what I had anticipated.

I did spend my time with Jesus this week. By Tuesday night, I was pumped. I had spent time with Him and gotten so excited. I was ready to not only do a blog post, but to “take on the world” through speaking and writing in the coming year. We worked on the game plan Tuesday night. The plan will be a great one when I finish, because through much prayer and time with Jesus the final plan will be HIS plan. I believe He has called me to this and cannot wait to see what He does. I would appreciate your prayers in this adventure as well. It can be intimidating at times.

Which brings me back to the blog post. I had a blog post. I was pumped. I knew God had plans for me and I was ready for anything. You know, “I am woman, see me roar?” Well, I got up Wednesday morning and got completely ready for my first day at my new Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) Group here at Fort Meade . . . and it did not go as planned. Surprise. God still had more He wanted to teach me.

I went to double check my military ID. You know, that thing I need to get on post? That’s right – it was no where to be found. I still have no idea where it is. I wanted to sit down and cry. I was ready and excited and had no way to get on post.

To say the least, I did not get to go. I do plan to go next week, though (once I have acquired a new ID, of course). These things happen to me every so often. (Not losing my ID. This was my first time to do that) But every so often when I get ahead of myself, God pulls me back and reminds me that it is all about Him and His timing. And it was.

Instead of Bible Study at the Chapel, I had a chance to talk with a wonderful young lady from the Rosberg’s organization (America’s Family Coaches – Through the conversation, God began to narrow down in my heart what He had for me. He knew I needed to work on those measurable and specific goals for the year, and in order to do that I needed some specific direction. He knew exactly what I needed on Wednesday, and He organized it.

As I mentioned, He does funny things like this in my world every so often. A few months ago, in fact, I was privileged to speak at a ladies luncheon at our Chapel in Fort Leavenworth. I was so excited then too. He had given me something to share – He had spoken to my heart – and I was ready to burst. We were going to talk about everything being “all about Jesus.” As I got ready to go, I put on an outfit I really liked. It was one of those days you think you just look cute – ya know? As I looked in the mirror before walking out the door, I noticed no less that seven (I quit counting after that) gray hairs sticking straight up on my head. Just a gracious reminder from my Savior that it really is all about Him.

So in my journey for the week, God has taught me again that He has a plan and His timing is perfect. He has given me guidance and joy as I attempt to follow His lead in this adventure, and He has taught me once again that everything, literally, is all about Him.

Does this stuff happen to you? It could be He just teaches me things this way, but I would like to think I am not alone. Feel free to share.

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:15-17

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