All I Need is a Compost Pile

All I Need is a Compost Pile

God takes all of us in life in directions we never planned. In fact, many of us might have chosen to go another way if we had known in advance the road this life would take.

Five years ago, if you had said, “Kori, why don’t you homeschool?” I would have graciously told you that you were out of your mind. “I am not cut out for that. I went to public school and turned out alright. There is no way I would ever do that.” Not only did I not want to, but I had this picture in my mind of what homeschooling looked like. Brace yourself…

The picture of homeschool I had in my mind was that family that lived in the sticks in a trailer house (those things that I used to fear because my experience with them was that the tornadoes of north Texas took them away), made their own granola, and had their very own compost pile for their garden. This was the picture in my brain – and it did not fit me. I was not going to homeschool.


As I stood in my kitchen the other day, I had to laugh. We homeschool (surprise) going on four years now, we own a trailer (we have just not lived in it full-time yet), and yes, I was in the process of making my own granola, which has become a frequent thing as of late. There, in the middle of my kitchen, I thought, “All I need now is the compost pile.”


I am true testimony that God takes us places we would never plan to go on our own – and I am very, very thankful. Those places and things I never planned have been some of the most wonderful blessings along the way.

Funny thing is, if God had given me a heads up on all of these things I would have probably run kicking and screaming in the opposite direction. I would have said, “No way, Jose!” (that is a Texas term for “Not on your life”) Don’t get me wrong, there have been challenges along the way, and even homeschooling has its difficult moments (really, spending time non-stop with your kids for days on end…I even drive them crazy sometimes!), but God has blessed far beyond expectation. And looking back, I would not have life any other way than the way He designed it.

He certainly knows what He is doing, in the planning as well as the not telling me. So, as my husband and I sit waiting “patiently” for our next assignment (which will probably mean moving again in the next three to four months), I sit back and relax, because there is probably a really good reason He has yet to tell me. Ask me in six to eight months and I will probably tell you what an amazing plan He had all along. It happens every time. I am learning…He is really taking me to school :).

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So as you look into the unknown and wish sometimes you knew what tomorrow would bring, no worries. He has it under control. I am sure you have testimony of where He has brought you and what He has brought you through – just like me, places and things you would have run the other way if told, but in the end have become wonderful blessings. Wanna share? I would love to hear.

By the way, someday I might even have the compost pile :).

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