Crazy, but when I was growing up the only graduations I experienced were when I graduated from High School and college. Things seem to be a little different these days. I see pictures of kids in caps and gowns as the graduate preschool, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. Wow. That is a lot of graduation.

My first thought was that maybe graduation loses its charm and excitement when it gets repeated so much. I mean, by the time you hit High School, a child could technically have graduated four times already. Seems one might lose a little of the specialness of graduation or anticipation of the event due to the frequency of the experiences.

This was my first thought…and then I had another. Graduations are a time of celebration. As children accomplish goals or grow and mature, these graduations become a time to reflect and rejoice – two things God wants us all to do.

Psalm 145:7 tells us, “They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.” Celebrating God’s goodness and singing of His righteousness – exactly what we should be doing. This little graduations are a way of doing just that.

So today, I am going to relax a little and celebrate. God has certainly shined His goodness on me and He has remained faithful in His righteousness.  What will I celebrate? Well, this week my husband and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary and I could not be more in love, my children are a wonderful blessing in my life everyday (even the days they are a little crazy), and my goodness the millions of other blessings He has given! I don’t think it will lose its specialness if we celebrate every day.

So, while I have only donned a cap and gown twice in my life and my children will probably not wear one till they graduate from High School, we certainly still have cause to celebrate every single day. I plan to do just that. What about you? What do you have to celebrate today? Feel free to joyfully sing or dance in your living room!


  1. Aww happy anniversary! I have to agree with you on graduation. By the time I graduated college I was pretty sick of graduations. But, looking back now, I am so glad I went and have that piece of my life concluded in a nice chapter like that.

    Stopping by from OMH.

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