My Tough Guy

My Tough Guy

Security is an important thing. On a daily basis, I am thankful for the husband God gave me. He is a soldier, hunter, former high school football player, and all-around tough guy.  And should any bad guys come close to us, he will take them out. Here is my hero- he is the vicious one on the right.

He has grown a little since those days, but is still just as tough. I am telling you, don’t mess with our family. When he is home, I sleep soundly because I know he hears everything and will not hesitate to “git er done.”

But then, as in all military families, sometimes he goes on all-expense paid trips to the other side of the world without me. I am left to defend our home – make sure all of the doors are locked, protect our children, and monitor the perimeter.

I have survived these times unscathed – as have our children, but amazingly enough it had nothing to do with my skill or expertise. When my husband was deployed in 2006, our daughter was less than a year old. One night we went to bed and I forgot to check the front door. At about 11:30p, I was notified of my mistake when the alarm went off. Being the brave chick that I am, I turned on all of the lights and dialed 911 while running the other end of the house to get our daughter. The police determined the door must have not been shut all the way and the wind blew it ajar – good job me.

I emailed my husband who was awake on the other side of the planet. He promptly called me back. Once his heart calmed down, he informed me that I probably should have grabbed a gun instead of turning on every light while I ran to the other side of the house. He pointed out that he could patch walls and I could at least scare someone.

You may now wonder how my children and I have survived…well, we survived the same way we do when my strong man is home. My Army man is the toughest guy I know, but only God can truly be with us and care for us all the time. God told Joshua through Moses, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Deuteronomy 1:9).

God has not promised to never let bad things happen. They still do sometimes, but He has promised to be with me…always. I love my Army man and believe him to be sincerely ready to do what it takes to protect us. But regardless of whether he is home or away, only One can truly take care of everything – my Savior. May I be strong and courageous as He commanded even me to be, and learn to rest in Him.

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