Ordinary Moments

Ordinary Moments

It has been three weeks since I blogged last. Sometimes the biggest challenge in blogging is trying to find something in my normal everyday life that would be of interest to someone outside the four walls of my home. I have moments of deep thought, but those are few and far between. Much like most of you, I struggle every day simply doing my best to follow my Savior. I certainly have days where that is easier than others. No doubt you do as well.

So what do I blog about, what do I share, when most of my world looks much like yours? In my attempt to think of something brilliant to share, I will just give you a glimpse of our week and my thankfulness in it.

We started school this week. As a homeschooling family, we have some flexibility. Most of Kansas started a week earlier, but we just weren’t there yet – like I had not lesson plans, although I had actually bought all the curriculum and supplies. Prepping my children for a bumpy week (the first week is usually bumpy as we find our groove), I reminded them of a thing called grace . . . and told them we would use it often in the coming week.

Monday we also opened registration for our Planting Roots strength2thrive conference coming in November. I had created the registration form. And knowing that I am not necessarily that techy, I prepared to “fix” any issues. Luckily, few were spotted. Remember that grace I reminded my kids about? Well, God reminded me about it too.

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PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) kicked off for the year here. It is our Chapel Women’s community of Bible study and fellowship. Deciding on a study was a bit difficult, but being again connected to Christian military wives in “real life” is such a beautiful blessing.

School, haircuts, phone calls, and work. Sounds like just a normal day, I know, but I am thankful for haircuts and churches that want more information about bringing a Planting Roots Conference to their location.

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Bible study training for Planting Roots. So very cool to see God bring together ladies with a heart to share and grow. Our online Bible studies are the very core of what we do – growing together in Christ.

The kids and I were also invited to visit a 93 year-old man at his house for a tour. Built in 1885, he lives in what the kids call a “mansion.” It is a BIG house – like three of our houses in one. He gave us a lovely tour with stories about furniture, wallpaper, stained glass, and his sweet wife. She passed away a few years ago, but so cool to see how he loved her. We followed this by lunch with a friend, always a good time!

big house 1

That evening we skyped with daddy. This was the highlight of our day as he sat and listened to the three of us tell him about every inch of the house we saw that day. Daddy loves the craziness when he is gone because he misses us. It might be a bit different when he gets home and is around it all the time.

Finishing up school for the week and cleaning the house were our goals for the day, along with some phone calls and other business. We were successful, including playing frisbee for recess. We finished the day by taking a walk through the neighborhood after dinner. The weather has been beautiful.

hands 1

Our week, much like yours, was filled with ordinary moments. Between school, ministry, and life, we attempt not to just find balance, but to follow Jesus. He does have a plan for all of it. Managing my time in a way that brings Him honor is a great responsibility and a humbling gift. To think that my ordinary days can bring honor to the God of the universe – well, it makes those moments seem not so ordinary anymore.

I know I may not have profound theological knowledge to impart today, but I do want to encourage you. In the ordinary moments of every day, we have the privilege and honor to share Jesus with a world, even if the “world” is only on the inside of our homes that day. Today,

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