Chapter 3: Bring It On!

Welcome to week three of our online Bible study! This week we are talking about the challenges we face in life. What do we do with them? How do we deal with them? Why does God allow them? Where is God in all of it? Join us in the discussion and share with us what God has brought you through and what He has done in you through those things. We serve a mighty and faithful God! Make sure to check below the video for questions and hit the comment button at the top to share your answers!


1. What has God brought you through? How has it changed you, the world around you, or both?

2. Do you see the privilege of our ability to meet God in person? How do you take advantage of this? How do you develop your relationship with Him?

3. Battle buddies – wonderful women who walk with us through many things. What do you think about these buddies being women? How have you nurtured those relationships and how has God blessed you through them?

4. What do you think about being able to “count it all joy when you experience trials?” James figured this out, but how do we? Does it have something to do with our spiritual maturity and our walk with Christ?

Just hit the comment button at the top of the post to share your answers. I would love to hear your thoughts! Homework for next time is Chapter Four in the book and week four of the study guide. The next video will not be posted for two weeks…look for it on October 24th!

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