Chapter 2: Stunts

Welcome to week two of our online Bible study! You probably noticed last week exactly why I sign blog posts and emails with “Living for real,” because that is what you get from me…especially through these videos ;). We are all in this journey together. It takes us being real and honest with each other to truly grow. So, welcome to week two!

I hope you had a great week looking at the “stunts” God has given you the ability to do. I love this part – the diversity of gifts is amazing and even more amazing how God puts us together with others. Enjoy the video. Don’t forget the questions right below it. Just answer them in the comments section…and again, feel free to share with your friends!


1. What gifts has God given you and how have you used them?

2. Have you ever tried something new and it didn’t work out as well as you thought? Please share!

3. Looking at Romans 12:1-12, how does love play into all this?

4. What jumped out at you this week?

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Chapter 1: Part of the game

Welcome to Chapter One of our online study. Below is video blog number two to talk about our study this week. Again – grace is a wonderful thing. Cannot wait to hear what God has talked to y’all about this week as you share! Just below the video are some questions to get the discussion started. Jump on in!


1. What jumped out at you this week? Any specific Scriptures or thoughts?

2. How are you using our most powerful tool of prayer? How has it changed you and/or your marriage?

3. Have you ever thought of a marriage being a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church? How does this change your perspective?

4. What is your relationship like with your extended family?

5. How does Satan attack your marriage?

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Introduction for Online Bible Study

Introduction for Online Bible Study

Hello!! I am so excited you are joining us. This week I will introduce our study through my very first video blog. One word about that…grace. It is my first video blog and only took me twelve takes to get to this point ;). Below the video, you will find your homework for the week, a link to the study guide if you don’t have it already, and a few discussion questions to get us started. Feel free to share with your friends. The more the merrier! Know too that this discussion will remain on the blog and the videos can also be found on my You Tube Channel in the event someone misses a week or would like to do the study at a later date.

This will be a great adventure! Can’t wait to see what God does with this – I am stepping out into something knew which can be both exciting and scary. Glad you are along for the ride!

Things you will need for this study: Bible, Book, Study Guide.


1. Feel free to introduce yourself!

2. What are your expectations for this study? Why did you decide to join us?

3. “Where” are you now? Not geographically necessarily, but are you married, do you work from home, do you work outside your home, volunteer, etc? Are you wondering what God would have you to do? Do you feel like you ask yourself: “Is this it?” Are you looking for a kindred spirit who loves the adventure of the Christian life like you do? “Where” are you?


1. Read Introduction and Chapter One.

2. Complete the first week’s homework.

3. Our class at Fort Meade is going to bring a picture/graphic/something (from magazines, newspapers, online printed out, graphics they created) to show where they are now and we are going to start a collage of sorts as we walk through this study. You can either make your own collage or jot down in your notes some words and thoughts about where you are today. I would love to see your pictures, but don’t know how to pull that one off :).


Week 1 Discussion – September 25

Week 2 Discussion – October 2

Week 3 Discussion – October 9

Week 4 Discussion – October 23

Week 5 Discussion – October 30

Week 6 Discussion – November 6

Week 7 Discussion – November 13

I think that is all of the details. Feel free to hollar with questions. Also, don’t forget to share in the comments your answers to our three questions for today. Have I told you how excited I am about this? Feel free to pray for me and the others as we walk through this and I will do the same for you. Again, feel free to share with friends. I would love to have them join us!

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